Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 19 Photos - 4

 After the "Stone Laying" we headed down to Boyolayi.  It is know for dairy production.  I was told by the mayor of Boyolali that there are 80,000 dairy cattle in his juridiction, and the average farmer has 2 cows!  As mayor he has been able to bring in over 600 Australian beef cattle to the area farmers to add to the economy.

Inside the Mayor's office - Reception area.

The Mayor.  He expressed his gratitude over and over (he was in office last year when the church brought in tons and tons of rice and cooking oil).  The water project, I guess, put us over the top - he offered the church 1/2 acre of land for a church building - free.  Unfortunately, we have few if any members in Boyolali.  Elder Meredith and I were invited back to tour some dairy farms.  With two cows per farm that should be interesting.  Sister Greenway was invited back to lecture on English.

This is where we met.

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