Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 19 Photos - 1

As we headed up Mt Morobabu to the village where the Opening Ceremony was to be held, we passed no fewer than five holding/pressure reduction tanks.  Remember, this is a passive system and the tanks are strategically located to reduce the water pressure, but still keep it at a functional flow pressure.  Please look closely, there is a "leak" near the top of this tank - it will give you a feel for the pressure at this point.

This is a system that the church put in several years ago before they became familiar with the functionality of MCKs.  We are adding 10 MCKs to this current systrem, and tapping into the water source to provide clean water to 4 more villages or about 30,000 people.  I think the new system will have 18 MCKs. These sites were so great to see as we drove to the village.

Travel was a challenge at times.  Hey - Ron K. check this out!!!

Elder and Sister Smith - Area Public Affairs missionaries; Area police chief, I think; local member of parliament; village chief; Elder Subandriyo - Area Seventy; Elder and Sister Meredith - Welfare missionaries (he set up everything you are going to see for this event).

Continuing on - what's this... Sister Greenway and children - Duh !!!  Siapa nama anda?

Ceremony to Lay Down of First Stone Clean Water and MCK Project 19 Jan, 2012 - in the village of Candisari, subdistrict of Ampel, in the regency of Boyolali - Central Java. Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Subandriyo and local construction  foreman.

And the band played on...Much too loud for my poor hearing aides.  And the vocals - well let's just say that traditional Javanese will not be replacing Motab as far as I'm concerned.

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