Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 19 Photos - 5

Trip to Malang, Zone Conference, etc.

On our trip by train to Malang we noted some things we wanted to share.  Out in the countyside the scenery is beautiful.  The context of this included newly planted rice paddies and the Mosque and palms in the background.

This fellow is probably hauling chickens to market.  If he were hauling just bird-cages they would be stacket 2-3 high behind and to the sides.

 To say that houses were built close to the tracks would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!

 This is coming into Malang, I haven't the slightest idea what the bridge we were on looked like, but it seemed to be solid.

This is Elder Martoyo doing the "John pose"  He is a great missionary.  His girlfriend lives in one of the branches and they maintain appropriately.  This missionary, we are told, came from absolute poverty.  His allowance as a missionary is probably more money than he has ever had on a regular basis.

Elder Greenway with the Mission President - Pres. Groberg.  Eating a typical box lunch.

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