Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 17 Photos

You've seen Sister Greenway's letter for this week, so here are some photos to help illustrate:

This is the sight we had as we approached Morobabu.  This is the other twin of Marapi, the active volcano, which is out of the picture to the left.  The water project that we are starting in actually an expansion of an older project.  We will be adding 10 MCKs and tapping into the original pipeline and expanding it to include at least 4 villages - one being Ngadirojo of the Ampell district.  It will serve another 30,000 people in 8 months (goal to completion).

Sign outside the Ngadirojo Village Office.

Village office and a close-up  (the sign on the porch states "LDS Charities").

A quick check of the plans.  Elder Meredith, Sutarno, Koko (in blue baseball cap - taught Sutarno in college and is a "retired engineer.") and Bono + village leaders and workers.

Muslim village chief or mayor (I'm pretty sure).  Check the shirt logo ("Latter-day Saint Charities").

The meeting to finalize the plan, confirm all signatories, plan the Beginning Ceremony and give the go ahead for the work to begin.  The money for the project is actually 2011 money and we are hoping to get anoother project going with new money for 2012.

The house in which we met.

Same meeting room - just looking up!

Living area with some of the villagers who sat in this room to listen and observe.  Note the seating and sleeping mats.

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