Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 19 Photos - 7 (Morababu)

The first photo is from the streets of Boyolali and the second is the "Welcome" sign.  You'll note the horse and wagon.  In Solo you'll see the pedicabs called becaks (baychaks)all over the city and very few horse carts.  In Boyolali and Yogyakarta (Jogja) you see many horse carts and few if any becaks. The next couple of shots are of common sites. Some day I'll have my camera when I pass a loaded becak - now that's a site to behold!

This is a groundskeeper at the village office.  In his right hand is his pruning shears, harvester, tree trimming and lawn cutting tool.

A fairly typical village house.

The local HandiMart.  Note the gasoline station in front.  Because of the huge numbers of "motors" (motor scooters) Bensin (gasoline) is sold from bottles, which the store owner fills from larger vessals filled at actual gas stations.

Gramma doesn't own a motor!

He's also loaded for bear - or something I guess.

Finally, I thought I'd show the village streets.  Now remember this is on the side of a mountain.  This is all hand laid.

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