Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 20 Photos

We only have a few photos this week.

 The first is sate (sah-tay).  There are different meats and this is sate ayam (chicken).  Whenever we walk home at night, there is this vendor with his wife and Sate Cart (portable kitchen).  They have a small "tent" for their "eat-in" customers - I'll get a picture later.  Out to the front and side of the cart is his BBQ grill (again I'll get pictures this coming week).  The meat is skewered on bamboo splinters, marinated in peanut sauce and then grilled.  It is then served on banana leaves with more peanut sauce. We had take-out.  It includes fresh chopped onions and chilies and you can also get home-made red sambal sauce (HOOOOTTTTTTT !!!!!!)

The second picture is very typical.  This is a family from the Jebres Branch heading home after church.  The husband is Denok, the wife is Desi, and the baby is Xavi (pronounced Zofy - almost sounds like Sophie).  We forget the other two children's names.

The next photo is of three of the children we mentioned in earlier letters.  These kids are from the family of 13, the older kids live with Dad and the younger 6 live with the Mom.  (Remember Lala, I baptized her - also one of the 13.)  We don't think they are divorced ( they may be living as they do because they can't afford a house large enough for all of them) because the Dad transports the Mom and kids to church and home and it requires a couple trips (see second photo above) and he is friendly to the Mom and the church members.  He apparently likes the church but lives with and by his family who are all Muslim and we've been told that he is embarrassed by them seeing him with members.

Finally, here is Enso, the baby of the 13.  You've met him before, and that's his Mom behind him.  He was told to stand still for this picture!  He did, but he didn't have to like it!

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