Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 19 Photos - 2

OK - time for lunch. We'll start with local treats as the appetizers. Roasted bananas, peanuts?, sweet potato cakes with brown sugar or white sugar, fried casava, hot tea or water.

The sweet potato cakes - those are not pepper corns!

The peanuts - at least that's what they look like at first, but the inside is a pleasant and tasty surprise.

Fried Casava. Tastes like baked potato, or maybe LARGE french fries.

Now for the main course:  Lets start with battered fish - look closely - their little batter...fried.

How about some grilled catfish and BBQ chicken?

Or spicy greens or tofu something.

Finally, add some HOT SAUCE, rice chips, cucumbers and cabbage leaves - and the meal is complete!

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