Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 25 Photos - 1

Lets begin with our Wheelchair project.  Here is Elder Meredith (Area Director of Humanitarian Services - Indonesia (we are his eyes, ears, arms, and legs in Central Java) speaking with (L - R) Risna, Lely, Damai, and Michael Allen from UCP (United Cerebral Palsy).  We are in the "factory" office.  We manufacture the wheelchairs in-country to avoid the tariffs.  Plus it provides employment - many of whom are recipients of the wheelchairs.  We've applied to LDS Humanitarian services for funds for another 5,000 custom-fit chairs.  Elder & Sister Meredith go home in April.

Here are a few shots of the warehouse.  These are "standard" generally for severely involved children - with custom padding and sizing of the chair.

Below are the mobility chairs that the church has the patent on.

Note the extended, wide front wheels.  These are nearly impossible to tip over forward.  Remember there are very few sidewalks in Indonesia and village streets are either dirt or cobblestones.

Our Logo, and the UCP logo

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