Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 28 Photos - 2

On the way from Ampel to Boyolali Kota (City) we stopped for lunch at a Javanese fast food place (as Bono calls them).  Cafe Eat Tegal.  That's the Musak seated at the front door.

Here's the band.  Please note that's a small cello being played like a guitar.  They were playing a traditional type of Javanese music - the name of which I can't remember.

Ok, how about some lunch.  Choose from a large variety!  Oh, and it all goes on rice!  Serving area.

Front of Serving area.

Cooks and wait staff.  A little camera shy!?!

Just enjoying lunch.  Kowo, Sister Greenway's head, Elder Meredith, Sister Meredith, Bono, Sutarno, and Sister Kepler sipping her water.

Saying our farewells.  The Merediths are going home April 11, 2012..

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