Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 27 Photos - 2

Here Gilang, PT, is demonstrating to the parents how to navigate stairs, etc., with the wheelchairs.  The provided individualized care and instruction as to how to seat their child and properly and safely transport them in their new chairs.  Again, none of these clients has ever had a wheelchair prior to this visit.

Here is a mom wearing a typical baby sling, and her son in his new wheels.  For those wondering, a nominal charge is assessed to each family for the wheelchair/fitting/instruction - less than the equivelant of $5.00 USD.

Many adults were also served during this day of visits:  a fractured neck caused by a fall from a coconut tree, polio, stroke, and a fellow with multiple amputations of unknown origin (I suspected arrested leprosy).

The wooden "platform" and the worn flip-flop located on the floor under his foot piece was his mode of transport.  He placed the platform under his left hip, the flip-flop on his left hand, and pulled the platform forward as he lifted his hips with the left hand.  He will continue to use this mode of transportation when he has to beg on the streets to "earn his money."

I have many more photos, but this gives you an idea about what the needs are in this area.

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