Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 28 Photos - 5

Semarang Chapel.  We went to church on Sunday, 25 March (Maret).  We had been meaning to get to Semarang since last October, but the car situation and other pressing issues kept us from going.  They really wanted us to come, and at the District Leadership Meeting, I had no fewer than three people ask us if we coming on Sunday!  Here are photos of the building and some of the members.  Oh, the building is right in the midle of Semarang, a large seaport city.  The building next door is a large shopping mall.

This building houses the chapel now - it was the second phase.


This was the first phase.  It is now all classrooms and the "cultural hall".

The landscaping.


President Immanuel Barsuki on the right and his counselors.

Branch Council + Full-time Missionaries

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