Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 26 Photos - 2

Here is a set of pictures from the King's Palace here in Surakarta.  In 1945, or so the King was stripped of political power - and any tax revenue.  The current king, #13 in the line, has a job and only one wife and his kids go to public school.

He sand the family still live in the palace, which except for a few ceremonial activities, acts as a museum.  The Tower in the wall of the inner compound.  The guide said you could see the ocean from the top.  Uhhh I don't think so - we can't see it from where we live and we are much higher.

Where you officially meet the king.  Note the Victorian Grecian statues.

Same place - straight-on view.  Traditional dances are also performed in this building.  The very openness is very Javanese.

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