Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 26 Photos - 3

Here are more pictures from the King's Palace here in Surakarta - a few artifacts.

This is the coronation parasol from China.  No, it is not in any kind of protection.

Two coronation carriages. Notice they are sitting on an exposed porch.

These are dowery chests.  Yes - we could touch them if we wanted.

And this is the circumcision umbrella.  (Frankly, shade is the last thing I'd be worried about!!!!)

And this is a special plate that apparently would change color if the food was poisoned

Sister Greenway playing the musically tuned pots.  Oh, did I mention that the plate and these pots are gifts from the MING Dynasty!!!!  I would guess we saw no fewer than 12 -15 Ming artifacts.

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