Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 28 Photos - 1

On Thursday, the 22nd, we drove up to Ampel (Boyolali County) to document the water project progress and to meet up with the Merediths, Seiters, and Keplers.  The reservoir is being allowed to cure before filling.  They ran a second 5-inch line from the water source (you can see it split off in one of the photos).

The roof in on the tank and is still being supported in part by bamboo scaffolding inside while the cement cures.  So now you've seen the reservoir being built from start to finish (almost).

Here is (L to R) Kowo, Ismun, Sister Seiters, Elder Seiters, Elder Meredith and Sister Meredith.  The tank is above Kowo's head.  Kowo is a member from Jakarta.  He supervises in Sutarno's absence.  Ismun was the foreman of the reservoir.

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