Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 26 Photos - 1

Well, you all know about the break-in at the Elder's apartment.  Well, the President of the mission called and asked me to go over to the apt. and just be there for support.  ABout 10 minutes after I arrived the polisi came.  CSI is the guy in the T-shirt by the gait.  He wrapped his hand in a plastic bag (small sandwich), and put the evidence in another plastic bag (small grocery) then was going to leave it with the elders to bring with them to the station in the morning ... then thought better of it and took it with him.  This photos was taken before another 5 or six officers showed up.

Here are a few of Sister Greenway's piano students.  Ricko.




Almost always a few, up to 5 or 6 at the same time.

This is Kiki.

And let's not forget the YW Choir practice after piano at Kapatihan.

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