Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 53 Photos #1

On Mondays, we have bee ransporting the Sister missionaries to the village of Ngadirojo, near Ampel in Boyoali County. Here is a masjid (mosque) just outside of Solo on the road to Boyolali.
Inline image 1
Here is a round-a-bout in Boyolali in a area we would probably consider to be the "Town Square."
Inline image 2
I have noticed these businesses whereever we have travelled. I asked Bono what they were and his explanation was that Pergadaian is a Pawn Shop company.
Inline image 3
These are very common. It is a road-side mobil and truk cuci. Car and truck wash. They also have innumerable cuci motor (motorcycle washes). Oh, and they wash everything from top to, and including, the bottom.
Inline image 4
Here is another common site. Thankfully, underpasses are very high. They do tip over from time to time!!! Alos, please note the laundry!!!!
Inline image 5
Yes, this is a chicken transport. And yes, they don't wear cage belts, but they are secure to the cage - somehow!?!
Inline image 6

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