Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 61 Photos

There are not too many photos this week. We added two elders to our "pool" here in Solo. Elder Miner and Elder Hasibuan. I thought I give you all a peek. No Elder Miner is not standing on a box!
Inline image 1

Sister Greenway mentioned Moko and Yessika's wedding. Obviously, I did not take pictures during the church ceremony, but I was able to document the "Civil Ceremony."

Inline image 2

A closer shot of Moko and Yessika. No, they are not un-happy, this part is all business.

Inline image 3

This was at the entrance to the church building. It says: "Happy Wedding - Moko and Jesika (sic) - Haryono Family - Eliza Florist (owned by the Haryono family)." See, your Indonesian is getting better!!
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