Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 54 Photos #1

When we have a busy week, I find it difficult to select the best photos of our journeys. I always try to look for people, place things and activities. So here's this week's contributions:

Here is the Closing Ceremony for the Ngadirojo/Ampel Water Project. We are at the village offices and preschool. You can see the traditonal orchestra, the dignitaries and the crowd.

Inline image 1

Here are a few of the musicians. Jeff Shipman would like this. Note the HAMMERS!!!
Inline image 2

The dignitaries. I don't know most of them, they were from the Ampel village office and - the people I had the most dealings with during the construction were in the audience. But starting with the lady with the brown hair: Sister Healy and Elder Healy (Humanitarian Missionaries), Elder Subandriyo (Area 70), Brother Hendra (Counselor to the Mission President)....

Inline image 3
The Ribbon Cutting.

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Great water flow!!! Our reservoir is keeping the flow up and it is still the dry season. And I mean dry - no rain for at least 3 months.

Inline image 5

The missionaries who accompanied us and helped with the children's activities. (L-R) Elder Jameson, Elder Suryono, Sister Manalu, and Sister Neis.

Inline image 6

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