Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 53 Photos #2

Since we had a HUGE turnover of our missionary pool here in Solo, the Knorpps again provided an in-service to he FTMs about how to use Family History as a missionary tool. The elders and Sisters were very attentive and had many questions.
Inline image 1
The missionries were also able to assist the Knorpps with the translation of the presentation materials. They had done some conversion to bahasa Indonesia, but the Elders and Sisters were needed to double check what had been done and to help complete other sections.
Inline image 2
As you can see, everyone pitched in to help. There was also a lot of cross-checking and clarification during the translation time.
Inline image 3
Elder and Sister Knorpp were able to keep everyones attention during their presentation with Power-Point and four generation Family History sheets.
Inline image 4
And of course, good behavior had to be rewarded with lunch. Sister Greenway prepared a Baked Potato Bar. About the only thing left over after lunch was......
Inline image 5
Some Martabok.....that the Knorpps brought for dessert.
Inline image 6

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