Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 66 Photos

The missionaries were planning to travel to Grojogan Sewu (waterfall), but we enticed them with Taco Soup and a Christmas Musical, "Scrooge." As you can see, even the Indonesian missionaries were mesmerized!
Inline image 1
"Thank you very much!" "Father Christmas" "Bah humbug!!!!" echoed through out the movie.
Inline image 2
Even the adults (Elder and Sister Knorpp and Sister Greenway) enjoyed it .... again!?!?! Can you say 12 times? Maybe more!?!?!
Inline image 3
Group picture, please? L to R: Elder Fisher, Elder Miner, Elder Masencay, Elder Yim, Elder Suwarsid, Elder Hasibuan, Elder Townsend, Sister Neis, Sister Manalu, and Elder Mendrofa.
Inline image 4
Proud of their NEW Hand-made suits.
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Oh, did I almost forget the food!!!! Taco Soup, hard bread, watermelon, and soup toppings. YUM!!!!
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Then on Thursday we arranged the YSA Christmas Movie and Pizza Night at Soepomo. Pizza from Papa Ron"s and "The Princess Bride." L to R: Gunawan, Ari, Yuli, Frisca, Widap, and Nanda kneeling.
Inline image 7
EVERYBODY likes PIZZA !!!!!! Sister Greenway, Aster, Putri, and Purwantari.
Inline image 8

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