Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 58 Photos

We have spoken about Rotmini and her family several times in our letters. She is Seminary Teacher and teaches Relief Society, and is the "Ward Mother." Her husband is Maryono, and then there is Aster and her brother Ezra.

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If there is some sort of creature, your Mom wants a photo with it!!!
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Once again, I get the tail end!!!
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I just had to include this shot for Sara and Kyle. However, I am concerned about what their neighbor store will be selling???

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This shot is for Ty. We are going to Tawanmangu, about an hour from Solo for the YSA Conference, later this week. When we went to scout the place out with the Stake President, I saw this fellow riding by. That's an average size horse for this country. Note his "Cowboy Boots."
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This is padi. Rice in the fields. They plant so a crop ripens at intervals. The left field is fairly young while the right fields will be ready in about a month - they are starting to turn golden.
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As we got closer to the mountain, the terracing began to climb the mountainside.

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Roadside fruit sellers. Oranges, mangoes, and leng kleng
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Durian - We've mentioned this before, it stinks and the fruit inside is like custard.
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And of course, a good selection of Motorcycle helmets!?!?!?

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