Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 59 Photos #2

It was a good thing that I had loaded a lot of music onto my laptop before our mission, because it came in handy when the music we finally received was so foreign to us we had so much trouble trying to tie the music to the types of dancing we wanted to introduce that we fell back onto my file of oldies but goodies. Doobie Brothers, Alabama, Duran Duran, Celine Dion, CCR, Bee Gees and even some Frank Sinatra; plus a few more. We also had to down load some barn-dance music and "YMCA".

Here the YSAs are slow dancing the steps we taught them - slow, slow, slow, quick-quick; slow, slow, slow, quick-quick, .... They seemed to catch on pretty quick.
Inline image 1

After we got them going with a few fast dance numbers, they spontaneously formed a dance circle and some of them "showed off their moves!!"
Inline image 2

Then when I turned on "YMCA" they really got excited. I guess that's become a really international sensation. They new what to do!!!!
Inline image 3

This last photos shows them doing the "Cowboy Boogie." They learned fast and again, seemed to get into it. We ended with the "Virginia Reel". It took a little more to teach them all the steps, but for the most part they caught on and had fun. Afterward they kind of collapsed into the chairs and we couldn't get them moving again so we ended the dance a little early, but it was no problem; after all of the day's activities they were literally exhausted.
Inline image 4

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