Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 54 Photos #3

OK - Close and dedicate one Water Project and open another. This one is near Magelang. On the dais you can see (L-R) Sister Healy, Elder Healy, Brother Budi (1st Coun. in Stake Presidency), Elder Subandriyo, the the local officials including the district chief and the local head of N.U. The sign says, "Ceremonial meal and Opening" "MCK, Clean Water Program" Then the village names below. You can see the ceremonial meal. The pointy cones are rice and the top of the cone is cut off and served to the dignitaries to "Seal the Deal."

Inline image 1

A closer photo of the Ceremonial food. That dark colored thing is roasted chicken. There was also snake fruit (produced in this area), broiled cat fish, tempe (fried soy patties), and other things.
Inline image 2

Some of the spectators. Always a smile! Enjoying lunch - food is always served at an Indonesian gathering.

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Here are our representatives: Brother Sutarno, President Budi, Brother Haryono, Sister Greenway, and Elder Subandriyo.

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The laying of the "Foundation Stones."
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Hey - if there's a crowd - set up shop.
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