Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 67 Photos

I'll begin with Tuesday's piano class where Sister Greenway had Kiki and Lala begin to learn a duet, "Oh. Come All Ye Faithful."  Adding moral support is Luki.
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Elder Yim and Mendrofa come to help with translation and to reinforce what Sister G. has taught.  Elder Yim is already a musician and Elder Mendrofa is trying to learn some piano, too.  (That's Elder Yim from Indiana on the right.)
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I usually bring my computer for any PEF needs, but that doesn't take long.  I then review photos, etc.  Here Luki is helping me put names with the people in the photos.
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On Thursday, we usually take the Sisters to Ngadirojo and the Elders to Boyolali, where they catch a bus to the village of Cepogo.  Well, the Sisters' appointment fell through so it was just us and the Elders, so we took them all the way to Cepogo.  I have been there before because it is on the way to Magelang and is one of the villages that the church provided rice and oil during the Merapi eruption in Oct., 2010.  It was market day so I though I'd include a bunch of pictures.  I think there is a lot of wholesaling because of the shear volume of produce.  Here you can see cabbage.
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We think this is seladri kecil - small celery.
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This is bok coy (Chinese) but I don't remember the bahasa name.
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More bok coy plus onions, potatoes, and more.
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You can see the scale and bundled scallions.
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More onions or scallions, and Jack Fruit on the woman's back.
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Rice and casava root.
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We also passed the local cemetery marker maker.  These are placed directly over a grave.
Inline image 14
The trip to the mountain - Boyolali, Ngadirojo, and Cepogo are on Merbabu (extinct volcano right next to Merapi which is active) usually takes most of the day son when we return to Solo about 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM, we take the missionaries to lunch.  One place we frequent because it has pretty good Indonesian fare (in spite of what the sign says) is Raja Ayan (Chicken King).  This is how most of the signage is here in Indonesia - part English, part Indonesian.  This one says: "King Chicken - Chinese, Chicken Fried, Steak."  Asli Segarnya = Your Original Fresh Tea (Teh).
Inline image 15
The front entrance to Raja Ayam.  I'll have to get a picture of the inside and the kitchen sometime.  If you can make out the menu signage to the left, these are Pakets (combos) priced at 8,500 to 9,500 rupiah.  (about 85 - 95 cents).
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