Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 62 Photos #2

Here are some common sights on our way to Ngadirojo. This is a Javanese Christian Church in Ampel.

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This Christian church is right next door to Kini's house. I do not know what GSPDI stands for. I also can't interpret the rest except Filadelfia (a sensable way to spell Philadelphia).

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This is a walkway over the main street of Kartasura, just outside of Solo (Surakarta). Note the flower seller warungs underneath.
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Except for a few tin roofs, roofing tiles are the material of choice for most homes and other buildings. This is a producer/seller along the road to Boyolali.
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I've shown the state owned gas stations before... this time I wanted to point out the facilities offered. Under the word SOLAR you can see the international symbols for Restrooms, a Mini-mart, and Mushola (prayer room).
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This is a billboard for a brand of cigarette. And yes, they are chocolate flavored! The warning at the bottom says: "Smoking can cause cancer, heart attack, impotence and interference with pregnancy and fetus(birth defects)."

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Here are several loads of sugar cane on the way to the processing plant.
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A truck load of Brahma bulls on the way to market, I guess. We saw several loads of cattle on this particular day.

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Just working their way up hill. I'm not sure of their load, but I think it's rice.

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And we see this all the time. Dad driving and Mom, side-saddle holding an infant. Many times there is another child between Mom and Dad, and a child standing in front of Dad. Also note the guy wearing the winter coat!

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