Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 59 Photos #1

The YSA Conference was held in the "Resort City" of Tawangmangu. It had been an orange growing area until people discovered the recreation qualities of the area including the cooler nights, the Grojogan Sewu (waterfall), and other tourist attractions.

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The konferensi was held at this hotel convention facility.
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The welcome banner. "Welcome Participants Remaining Unmarried Young Multi-Stake Indonesia" Now you know why we know lots of Indonesian words, but can't form sentences!
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And this banner greeted them in the conference room. "Activity Adult Remain Unmarried Person, Young, Multi-Stake Indonesia." Then there was a quote by President Hinckley about Standing a little taller. They took our suggestion for the theme.
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Elder and Sister Knorpp had planned for 4 "get acquainted" activities and accomplished 2. The bus from Jakarta finally arrived about 3 PM, so the activity started 3 hrs. late.
We have to admit, the participants really got into it. Then they sat around until dinner. They then had a talent show.

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The next day, the big activity was the "Speed Dating" set up by Elder and Sister Seiter. We had "Dating Tables" set up everywhere, it seemed.

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We had about 10 more girls than guys so sometimes the girls had a rest period between "Dates."
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After the Speed Dating Activity and lunch, we all got together for a group photo; then the group headed off on a hike to the Waterfall (Grojogan Sewu). Sister Greenway and got ready for the Dance!
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