Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 57 Photos

Whenever they bring the missionaries, especially the senior missionaries, to Jakarta to renew their Kitas (internal passport), they try to give us a tour of Jakarta to see things that we normally would not get to see otherwise. Our first nite, there they took us to the Grand Indonesia Mall which was the oldest and I think the largest mall in Jakarta. It consisted of two multi-storied (5-7 floors) buildings connected by a sky-walk. It was easily as nice as anything you will find in the US. One section had like a Greco-Roman decor. I didn't include any photos - I figure you seen malls.
The next day we were taken to the National Museum where we were guided by a Sister Paul. Her husband works for Conoco-Phillips and while there she decided to become a museum guide. She did a wonderful job. There was just too much to include so here is one piece that was uncovered and brought to the museum. When it was discovered it was lying on its back and was buried except for the dark areas on its shins. These were exposed and the natives had been using the shins as a sharpening stone.
Inline image 2
After the museum we were going to go to a Burger King, and at the last minute it was decided to go to Chili's!!! Here is our group: going around the table from Left to Right - Sister Greenway, Elder Kepler, Sister Kepler, Elder Beaman, Sister Beaman, Sister Paul, Sister Seiters, Elder Seiters, and then me - the photog guy.
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After lunch we went to the MONAS (Monumen Nasional) described to us as their Statue of Liberty. In the base was a museum of historical dioramas which told the entire modern history of Indonesia from about 700 BC. We DID NOT ride the elevator to the top.
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On our return to Solo, we attended Konferensi Umum (General Conference) at the Kepatihan building. I had brought a thumb drive from Jakarta with the sessions in English, which we watched in the RS room with the American missionaries and one Indonesian who wanted to use her English. I brought a second thumb drive for the Knorpps, who set up at Soepomo. After Konferensi, Sister Greenway held a practice for the Stake Conference Choir. Here they are!
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Between sessions the wards always provide a box lunch, consisting of rice, a slice of cucumber, lemon-mint leaves, which are eaten with your rice, sambal (lower right) and a piece of chicken. Sister and I each got a leg .......
Inline image 6
and a foot !!!!!
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And just in case you were feeling sorry for us - I want you all to know that at Chili's I had my first real steak since arriving in Indonesia !!!!!! All is right with the world!!!!
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