Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 55 Photos#1

On Wednesday of this week we attended the funeral of Brother Noto's 36 yo daughter who had passed away from cancer. Here is Noto greeting Sister Knorpp.

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We were urged by the mission and the US State Department to avoid large crowds, so of course we head to one of the largest we could find! We estimate that there was at least 200 in attendance, possibly more because it was right by a traditional outdoor pasar (market).
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The gentleman by the microphone on the left of the photo is the local Imam, who spoke, sang and prayed.
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This photo shows the departed - departing. I think I have mentioned before, they load the casket into an Ambulance (yes-no typo) which then speeds off to the cemetary. Good luck trying to keep up. We have arrived at several grave side services after the burial had been completed and people were about to head for home. Oh - and Bono says the graves are "rented" for the most part. After about 50+ years, there is nothing left of the deceased or the casket due to the wetness of the area, so the site is used again. I really don't know if the "diggers" find anything, I've seen nothing in the graveside soil mounds.
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Typical smiles. The lady in the blue jilbab (or hijab) was in front of us and tried to sneak a couple pictures of Sister Greenway and I with her cell phone without success; so she finally screwed up her courgae and turned and took a picture - I and Sister G smiled of course and then I thanked her for taking our picture and asked if I could take hers.
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This shot is looking away from where the funeral crowd was. I wanted you all to see the outside warung stalls of the traditional market. You will find these all over the city.
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